Secretive Digital Photography Tricks, Not!

Have you ever wanted to improve your photos, yet didn’t feel certain where to start? Well, suppose that I showed you that in just a few minutes, you could be using some exceptional digital photography tricks that will take your photos from ho-hum to incredible!

If you are like me, you have thrown away a lot of time and sometimes a lot of money taking photos, that are, well, not that impressive. After countless years (too many to name), I ultimately determined to do something about it. I read a few books, magazines and enrolled in a couple of classes to enhance my digital photography. What I learned is that there are many digital photography tricks that are so easy, I picked them up instantaneously and created stupendous results.

I won’t swear that you will be a creative genius from these digital photography tricks, but you will see proof from your very first picture.Image result for Photography Tricks fill the frame

1. Fill the frame – One of the easiest digital photography tricks to grasp, but harder to practice. When you snap a photo, how small is your subject in the viewfinder? When I look at old photos that I shot before my recent instruction, the subject was consistently a small part of the entire image. Well, by filling the frame with your subject, you place the emphasis on them. Also, if the subject takes up most or the entire frame, you get rid of any disagreeable objects that would have appeared otherwise. The practice that I now implore is if you think that you are close enough, your not. If you look through the viewfinder and say, “wow, that is way too close”, take the photo, you will be amazed at how great the picture looks.

2. Could you repeat that? – A second easy to pick up digital photography trick is repetition. Repeating arrangements, colors or textures generate superb photos! If you look around, there is repetition just about everywhere. One technique that I now use that takes this idea to another level is to locate a pattern of objects and then find another similar object that violates the pattern, like a crate full of oranges with one apple in it. The singular apple pulls the viewer’s eye toward itself and also creates a texture and color contrast. The viewer can’t help but to look at the apple, it is like a magnet for the eyes.

3. One of the digital photography tricks I see used a lot is reflection: The world is full of reflective objects and faces; water, glass, waxed cars, chrome and mirrors to mention a few. They alter our traditional impression by warping the original image. Whenever you take a photo of the reflection and not the original object, it will invite a unique perspective to the photo.Image result for Photography Tricks

4. The last but not the least of the digital photography tricks is to build a frame within the frame. I am not talking about a picture frame, I am talking about composing a frame around your principal object using other objects. One instance would be to locate your camera on one side of a door, window or other type entity and your principal object is on the other side. Snap the photo and make sure that the “frame” of the door or window is around the perimeter of the photo. It entices the viewer’s eye to the interior of the frame and to your subject. It can also generate enhanced depth to the photo.

These are a few of the very simple techniques that skillful photographers put to work to attain those wonderful photographs in books, magazines and on the web. My hope is that you will put to use these digital photography tricks to enhance your picture taking talent. Happy shooting and say cheese (make mine Blue Cheese).

Russell Roberds is a novice photographer residing in Georgia. He has been taking pictures for over thirty years. He has used a large variety of cameras from film to digital, but his current first choice is the Nikon D60. Here are more digital photography tricks to improve your photography technique.

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