Digital Photography Tricks For Portraits

Did you ever think that learning photography would be difficult or take years? Well, there are many digital photography tricks that are easy to attain and easy to apply. Your photos can improve immensely from these easy ideas.Image result for Photography Tricks

Let us talk about improving your portraits? There are a lot of easy techniques that will improve your portrait photos, here are a few ideas to get you started:

One of the simplest digital photography tricks to employ would be to have your subject rotate their head slightly. Many beginner photographers, I was guilty of this as well, would just direct the model to say cheese and would immediately snap the picture. Since then I have changed my procedure, I look at how they have their head and tell them to tilt it to the side just slightly, so that it is not parallel to the camera.

An alternative to this trick is to ask the model rotate their body. With this technique, they can have their head positioned straight ahead, in this case their body adds an angle to the photography. This will help the picture from looking flat.

A third helpful technique to use is to take your time when you start your photography shoot and talk to the subject. Do not go in and start taking photos. If you spend a few minutes with the subject and ask them a few questions, find out about some of their interests and ease any stress , your photos will look less posed and a lot more natural.

Also, you may find a hobby that they participate in and be able to add a prop with them in the picture that will capture more of their genuine self such as a dog house.

You can use some digital photography tricks to change the appearance of your model. Say you want the model to look slimmer, snap the picture from above them. If you take a picture and you are below your subject, they might appear heavier.

Some digital photography tricks are very simple, try something as easy as changing your angle. Move directly above the subject and shoot the picture looking straight down. Zoom in to reveal only a portion of their face. Get creative, that is what makes photography fun.. While looking at the subject and the entire surroundings, think about what other photographers would do and create a different way to capture the picture.

I trust that these digital photography tricks improve your portraits at your next picture shoot! So, get out there and practice them and, as always, say Cheese (Brie, with crackers, yumm!)

Russell Roberds is a novice photographer residing in Georgia. He has been taking pictures for over thirty years, but just recently began educating himself on proper digital photography technique He has used a large variety of cameras from film to digital, but his current first choice is the Nikon D60. Click here digital photography tricks for more information and more tricks to improve your photography technique.

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